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Economics of the madhouse

Hillel Ticktin reviews: Paul Krugman' End this depression now!', Norton, New York, 2012, pp272, £14.99


General strike; Bloody obvious; No rebuilding; Bent stick; Red herring; Spelling it out; Human nature; Leave me out; Not comradely; Correction

TUC Demo: Union lefts rely on general strike strategy

Saturday’s TUC demonstration showed that there is a burning desire to fight, writes Peter Manson. But ending the age of austerity requires a governmental alternative not on offer from Ed Miliband

EU summit: Berlin demands yet more austerity

The October 18 EU summit was another exercise in procrastination, argues Eddie Ford, and Spain shows the worst is almost certainly not over

ULA Ireland: Sectarian self-annihilation

The United Left Alliance has gone into destruct mode. Anne Mc Shane reports

CPGB aggregate: Substitute for Marxism

The adoption of Keynesianism by the left and the confusion around the Assange case were the focuses of the latest CPGB members’ meeting, reports Michael Copestake

Durham Debate: Stalinism reinforces capitalist apologetics

Ben Lewis spoke at the Durham Union Debating Society

Hillsborough: Crown in the dock

Steve Freeman and Phil Vellender take a closer look at the Hillsborough cover-up and locate the blame at the very top

Scotland: Independence from what?

The Scottish National Party’s support for Nato confirms Alex Salmond as a canny bourgeois politician, argues Paul Demarty

Showing real interest

Robbie Rix brings you the latest, including news from the TUC demo

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