Showing real interest

Robbie Rix brings you the latest, including news from the TUC demo

Our October fighting fund was given a fillip by the donations we received for the Weekly Worker on Saturday’s TUC demonstration in London (we had no comrades selling on the Belfast or Glasgow demonstrations - a pity). There were many complimentary remarks about our “excellent publication” and £55 worth of ‘Keep the change’. The Weekly Workers sold solidly and steadily thoughout the day. We also gave the paper to impoverished students, unemployed young people and those on disability benefit who showed a real interest in our ideas.

As for total sales, including badges and books, we ended the day with approximately £400 in notes … and a huge stash of coins that is still to be counted. Of course, even with the boost provided by October 20 our print readership is dwarfed by the numbers who read us online - we had 9,589 at cpgb.org.uk last week. They included comrade EJ, who gave us an excellent £50 using our PayPal facility. Cheers, comrade.

Then there were four cheques for the fighting fund received in the post - £20 from HG and two tenners (thank you, IP and SG). And among the standing order donations over the last seven days were those from EW, SK, GD and DO - they added up to £270. Which means that our October fund increased by £425, taking the total so far received to £1,485.

So we are just £15 short of our monthly target and there is still a week to go. So we have the chance to more than make up for last month’s £167 shortfall. In fact, as I said last week, we should aim not for the usual £1,500, but for £2,000. Please pop a cheque in the post or make a donation online.