WW archive > Issue 934 - 18 October 2012

General strike: Rebuild the movement

The call for a general strike to bring down the government is out of place, writes Mike Macnair


Rape apologism; My point was …; Move to right; Drawing the line; So what?; Undialectical; Mosquito war; Over, not under

Economic crisis: Awarded for services rendered

The EU has been given the Nobel Prize, but quite clearly the whole project is in danger of falling apart, writes Eddie Ford

Keynes: The great saviour and his leftwinger converts

Capitalism is in terminal decline. So why, asks Jack Conrad, do so many on the left advocate not socialism, but increased government spending, deficit financing and Keynesian solutions?

Iran: Sanctions mean war on the people

Hands Off the People of Iran remains true to its slogan, ‘No to imperialism, no to the Islamic regime’. Yassamine Mather describes the devastation and hunger inflicted on Iranians

Rifondazione Comunista: Failed refoundation

Toby Abse reviews: Salvatore Cannavo, 'La Rifondazione mancata, 1991-2008: una storia del PRC Edizioni Alegre', Rome 2009, pp223, €14

Jimmy Savile: Establishment’s dirty little secret

The establishment furore over the Jimmy Savile scandal has more to it than is being let on, reports Paul Demarty


Robbie Rix sees more solidarity from our readers, and raises his sights a little

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