Robbie Rix sees more solidarity from our readers, and raises his sights a little

Always happy to donate to the most informative and interesting read on the left,” writes RW, in the message accompanying his £50 PayPal gift. “Keep up the good work - we need the Weekly Worker more than ever.” Excellent sentiment, comrade. And backed up with hard cash too.

Another donation via the same medium was the £10 from RP - those two were among the 9,487 people who read us online last week. Then there were the standing orders that landed in our account over the last week - thank you, MM (£75), AM (£50), DW, JD and SP (£20 each), and SP and MKS (£5). Finally, SJ rounded up his £6.95 payment for a copy of Which road? to a tenner, with instructions for the remaining £3 (and 5p!) to be used for the paper.

All that gives us an extra £258 this week and takes our October fighting fund running total to £1,060. So, with just about two weeks to go, we are well on the way to smashing through our £1,500 target. And we need to, as we have to make up for that £167 shortfall in September. Am I being too ambitious in suggesting that we should raise our sights to £2,000 this month? I don’t think so. It just needs a few extra comrades to send us a cheque or get out that piece of plastic next time they go to cpgb.org.uk.

Are you one of them?