WW archive > Issue 931 - 27 September 2012

Crisis, theory and politics

Nick Rogers interviews Andrew Kliman, New York-based Marxist economist and author of The failure of capitalist production1


99% chance; Exaggerated?; Game theory; Keep it clean; Taxing; Stupid friends

Why the ship won’t sail

Peter Manson reports on the misplaced efforts to talk up the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Nationalism from another angle

Esen Uslu completes his review of the Turkish left’s attitude to the Kurdish question by considering two leftwing thinkers

New chapter in human liberation

Andrew Coates reviews: Revolutionary History Vol 16, No4: Ian Birchall (guest editor) European revolutionaries and Algerian independence 1954-1962

Overcoming a false dichotomy

Where does the general election leave the Netherlands? Piet Potlood looks at the contending forces and points to the weakness of the left

Remorse and retrenchment

The big story from the Liberal Democrat conference is Nick Clegg’s apology for raising student fees - but his party is as wedded to the Tories as ever, argues Paul Demarty


Robbie Rix educates us on stamps and reminds us of how essential it is to hit the fighting fund target

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