WW archive > Issue 93 - 11 May 1995

Fight for your health

The government is pressing ahead with plans to close down more London hospitals after forcing through its policy this week. As well as the world famous Guys and Barts, Edgware, the Brook in Greenwich and many others will go - unless workers themselves make a stand


State capitalism; Past errors

Lobby Dundee health trust

Communist Party Offensive 95

Communication of the Amsterdam Bureau

From Workers’ Dreadnought, paper of the Workers’ Socialist Federation, May 8 1920

Communist optimism

While paying lip service to Bolshevism, the British left boycotts London's May Day march

The Party's not over yet

Mark Fischer reviews 'Enemy within: The rise and fall of the British Communist Party' by Francis Beckett

A liberal adrift

In January of this year, Mark Fischer spoke to Francis Beckett

After the clause

New Labour turns to liberalism. The left must turn from Labourism

Election fight for workers’ organisation

Communists took their election campaign to both young and old

Reforging the Party

PO climbdown

Fight for car jobs

Barclays strike

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