The May Day that will save the world

From ‘The Call’, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 29 1920

THE WORKERS alone can redeem Europe and the world from the savagery of the present, and the wage slavery of the past. Russia has led the way along the path that all the world must follow ... In safeguarding Soviet Russia, therefore, the workers elsewhere are ensuring their own ultimate triumph. This May Day is the sign and symbol of the workers’ determination that Russia shall be left free to consolidate what it has already won from the sordid dominion of capitalism ...

The May Days of the past have been demonstrations of hope; this May Day and the May Days of the future will be celebrations of fulfilment.

Forward then! Workers of England, side by side with the workers of all lands; comrades all in the great fight that shall not slacken until capitalism has fallen in the dust, and the whole world - saved from the bottomless pit into which the old order had plunged it - rejoices triumphant and radiant in a universal May Day of victory.