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Vote communist on May 4

As Blair promises to move Labour more and more, not only down the Tory road, but actually down the Thatcher road, there is less and less to choose between the bosses’ parties in the local elections. Labour, Tory and Liberal all promise to run capitalism at the expense of working class rights. But there is an alternative - vote communist on May 4 and join the fight for what we need, not what Labour or Tory say they can afford



Revolutionary greetings

Workers of the world unite!

The May Day that will save the world

From ‘The Call’, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 29 1920

Iran: lessons for communists

Iran remains a country of crisis. The reactionary regime of the bloodstained mullahs could fall at any moment. John Bridge spoke to comrade A Irani of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran about the tasks and prospects for the left

Return to liberal roots

In the run up to the Labour Party’s special conference this weekend, we spoke to Mark Fischer, National Organiser of the CPGB, about the significance of the clause four debate and the tasks posed for the working class in the face of Blair’s ‘new’ Labour

Blair’s candidate for TGWU

Paisley vice

With friends like these ...

Crisis in higher education

The whole picture

Simone Aspis is a well known activist for disability rights and this week became a supporter of the Communist Party of Great Britain. We spoke to her about her political ideas and development

Doing the Lord’s work

Dead-end explosions

Human welfare first

USA terrorist state

No worker is illegal

Waving the imperialist flag

New approach in Ireland

End Bolivian state of siege

Living wage

Hulme victimisation

Unity, solidarity and struggle

For some years one of the largest contingents on the May Day march in Britain has been of revolutionaries from Turkey - many in exile. Aziz Demir is a communist from Turkey with a proud revolutionary history. He analyses the state of the left in Turkey. Overleaf we reprint the article in Turkish [See PDF for Turkish reprint]

SUPPLEMENT: Notes on rapprochement

Factions and the politics of Leninism

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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