WW archive > Issue 91 - 20 April 1995

Sack the Tories! Sack Blunkett! Dump the lot!

This week the teachers have been denounced and threatened by Tory, Labour and union leaders alike. Teachers are right to respond to attacks on education with ballots for strike action. Demonstrators are right to harangue Blunkett after his disgusting promise to be more Tory than Tory in office. But we must go beyond the slogan ‘Sack the Tories’


Leftist criticism; Tory fighter?; Press hype; No freak

'Impartial' imperialism

Harassment in Hulme

Nationalist road?

Steve Riley reviews ‘The Downing Street Declaration - new unionism and the communities of resistance’ by the Republican Workers Tendency

Not all roses for Blair

Two evils

Russia - Lenin, the wonder-worker

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 22 1920

PO strike against local contracts

TB hits low paid

A taste of bosses’ ‘democracy’

Hulme family deportation

Marcus Miller, CP candidate for Moss Side, Manchester, calls for workers’ unity to smash immigration controls

Artist draws in support

Manchester against CJA

Dark at St Barts

Communists campaign outside Dundee Royal Infirmary against closure

Dundee campaign to save hospital

More education cuts

Medway’s dead council

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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