WW archive > Issue 902 - 23 February 2012

The ordoliberals and Adam Smith's invisible hand

The 'big society' is not such a new idea, argues Werner Bonefeld. This is an edited version of his talk at the CPGB's 'Fundamentals of political economy' school


Damaging; Clearly defined; Proactive; Not my intention; CPGB directors; One-sided; All Greek; List system; Free the six

Hague claims mask new threats

As the drums of war against Iran beat ever louder, Peter Manson takes a look at the latest remarks by the British foreign secretary.

Secularism is hostile to state religion, not religion

Separation of church and state is a basic democratic demand bitterly resisted by the British establishment, writes Eddie Ford

Murdoch fights back

Despite the imminent launch of a sunday edition of The Sun the relationship between the press and the politicians will not quite be the same, says James Turley

Stop the War Coalition: end exclusions

Say no to the exclusions at the upcoming Stop The War Coalition conference


Why not be a trend setter and help out the best paper on the left with a donation or standing order, says Robbie Rix.

Clear economics, weak politics

Mike Macnair reviews Paul Mattick 'Business as usual', Reaktion Books, 2011, pp126,

The function of Dickens

The English literary establishment fully mobilised for the Charles Dickens bicentenary. But, wonders Harley Filben, why is it so in need of heroes?

Holy trinity of reaction

The queen's jubilee is a timely event for the forces of reaction in an age of austerity, argues Ben Lewis. For its part, the workers' movement needs to rediscover the tradition of militant republican democracy

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