Yet another straw to clutch

SOME PEOPLE will never learn, it seems. They will willingly cling on to any dogma, any tactic, any catchphrase, in order to avoid confronting reality. The Trotskyite Workers Power is a prime example.

The April issue contains the following gem: “Although the clause four fight is almost over, the real fight - to put Labour into office, then force them to meet our immediate needs - is only just beginning”.

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Despite its claim to be a “revolutionary communist organisation”, the “real fight” for this group is always going to be for the election of a Labour government, thus fostering illusions in ‘militant’ Labourism of some hue or other.

Ironically, organisations like Workers Power are the exact mirror image of ‘official communism’, which also cannot imagine life without the Labour Party and cannot imagine socialism without a Labour government.

Unlike Workers Power, and Trotskyism in generally, we in the Communist Party never lose sight of the fact that the “real fight” is about making revolution, and for that we cannot put off the task of reforging our Party.

Eddie Ford