WW archive > Issue 90 - 13 April 1995

Vote against council cuts

Last week teachers throughout the country demonstrated and took strike action against education cuts. Meanwhile the healthworkers’ unions are still dragging their feet in opposing their pay offer. The communist campaign against attacks on jobs and services has received much support. But you can go one step further: vote Communist on May 4 and join us in fighting back. Demand what we need, not what capitalism can afford


No tears; Poll tax riot

Quality education for all

Roger Harper, Communist candidate for Hulme in Manchester, demands the education we need

Gump award hype

John Bayliss reviews 'Forrest Gump'

Benefit attack

The price of health

Healthworkers enjoyed a short-lived ‘victory’ in their fight to save Guys

United action against JSA

Our duty to Ireland

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, April 15 1920

Tories face disaster

Another one bites the dust

Death for capitalism’s rejected scapegoats

‘Police efficiency’

New support

During the election campaign in Dundee we won a great deal of support for communism. Danny Williams, a new 15-year old supporter, was our youngest and perhaps hardest working activist. He joined during the campaign and worked with us throughout the following week. Here he tells us what he thought of the experience

Revolutionary votes

Yet another straw to clutch

Candidates for communism

Dominic Handley, who has recently joined the CPGB, stood for the first time as a Communist candidate in Lochee West, Dundee - a new ward for us. He stood in a safe Labour seat where the sitting councillor was Dundee’s lord provost (mayor), but his votes were hard won votes for revolution. We spoke to him about the campaign

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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