WW archive > Issue 897 - 19 January 2012

Europe's mutual suicide pact

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford


Archaic; Closer to Dave; Cuckoo controls; Still capitalist; Cheap; Worrying; Nothing to fear; Altered farm

Islamists courted by imperialists

The Muslim Brotherhood has shown itself to be the biggest political force. Meanwhile the left is under attack. Yassamine Mather gives her impressions following a recent visit to Egypt

Sex, symbolism and neanderthals

Not only did the neanderthals interbreed with our ancestors. These close cousins help shed light on what it is to be human, argues Camilla Power of the Radical Anthropology Group

Defence Fund

Robbie Rix is pleased to introduce another supplement - but more cash is needed if supplements are to feature regularly

Politics, not voluntarism

The left is trying to wish a mass fightback into existence. Peter Manson reports on the Unite the Resistance 'emergency conference'

Tory glee and political fantasy

David Douglass reviews Phyllida Lloyd (director) 'The iron lady' 2011, general release

Climax of tartan nationalism

The Scottish independence referendum is a choice between Westminster and Berlin, argues James Turley - yet the left offers no alternative to nationalist illusions

No room for anti-Semites

Tony Greenstein looks ahead to this weekend's AGM of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Impediments to consciousness

In the second of three articles, Paul B Smith discusses the negative impact of imperialism, Stalinism and social democracy

Oil struggle aborted

Despite the ending of the protests, workers in Nigeria have demonstrated their potential power, writes Nick Rogers

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