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Nurses’ unity under threat

While nurses are being offered a pay rise that is in fact a pay cut those lucky lads at bust Barings Bank are to get a million pound bonus to peck up their spirits. Greedy British Gas boss Cedric Brown and his fellow directors have just slipped themselves a million free shares. They live in a world where the millions are just perks. The world is hard, but it’s fair. More than fair to a few: much less than fair to the rest


Confused again; More confused; Hobsbawm revisited

Rail bosses' expanding pay packet bonanza

Rank and file action across one union

Pat McManus is a staff nurse at the Central Middlesex Hospital in London. He is branch secretary for the main health union, Unison. Here he talks to Peter Manson

PO workers fight closures

United States: No comment required

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, March 11 1920

The cost of terror

Crisis in Mexico

SWP beyond reform?

Mark Fischer spoke to Andy Wilson of the recent split from the Socialist Workers Party, the International Socialist Group. The ISG has links with SWP breakaway groups in South Africa and Germany and has recently published a pamphlet which we reviewed in the Weekly Worker (December 15 1994)

Class fighters!

On April 6 in Scotland SNP, Labour and Tory will be vying for working class votes in the ‘shadow’ council elections. But none of them are offering anything for workers in Scotland. There is an alternative - Vote Communist and join the fightback

Labour perks

A real alternative in Dundee

Creating homeless

INSERT: Communist manifesto for the local council elections in 1995

The Communist Party of Great Britain is standing candidates in the local elections in Scotland and England. Our candidates have a very different message to the other parties. This is our election manifesto. It is a call to action for the working class throughout Britain. It is the only manifesto which begins to answer the needs of the working class. We should settle for nothing less. Vote communist and join the fight!

Fighting fund

Report of the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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