WW archive > Issue 828 - 29 July 2010

Localist separatism can only produce crazy confusion

Mike Macnair reports on the latest attempt to create a national grouping to the left of Labour


Nazi EDL; Double-think; Big Co-op; Against freedom; Here's an idea; White rights; Religious rights

BP, Libya and the national interest

Peter Manson looks at the furore over the release of the 'Lockerbie bomber'

Peasant socialism and the persistence of polytheism

Jack Conrad continues his survey of Ancient Israel in Supplement II

A tireless internationalist

Chris Strafford looks at the role of Albert Inkpin in the formation of the Communist Party of Great Britain

Coalition threatens Lib Dems with oblivion

The 'Brokeback' speech by David Davis casts light on the possible demise of the Liberal Democrats in the 2015 general election, argues James Turley

Why don't you call yourselves something different?

Maciej Zurowski reports on some interesting exchanges at the 1234 music festival

Liquid research

David Douglass reviews Mike Pentelow and Peter Arkell's 'A pub crawl through history: the ultimate boozers' Who's who' Janus, 2010, pp368, £16.99

Learning Russian

Continuing our series marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Great Britain, Mark Fischer looks at how the second Russian Revolution was assessed by 'The Call'

Rehabilitation failure shows failure of whole prison system

Jon Venables has been sent back inside for two years. He was never given a serious chance of a normal life on the outside, reports Eddie Ford

Ian Tomlinson's death caused by police kettling

Outrage over non-prosecution of PC Harwood puts establishment on the defensive, notes Jim Gilbert

Halfway mark

Howard Roak calls for a really good week for the SO campaign

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