Large chunk

Robbie Rix warns that it is easy to take the Weekly Worker for granted

With just over three weeks to go in our annual fundraising drive, the Summer Offensive, we now have £11,733 towards our £25,000 target.

Obviously that still leaves us a long way to go - £13,267, to be precise. But past experience has shown that a large chunk of the cash we need is raised just before or during Communist University, our week-long summer school which runs this year from August 8 to 15. We traditionally end the Summer Offensive on the final evening of CU with a celebratory meal.

Anyway, we are continuing to make good progress, with another £1,666 coming in this week. That includes some large donations, amongst which pride of place goes to our Turkish comrades in the TKP, who contributed a magnificent £500. There were other big contributions too - from SK (£230), AM (£160), PM (£96), MM (£70) and MZ (£52). Then there are the numerous smaller ones (such as the tenner from comrade DN) - which are essential if we are to get anywhere near our target.

Included in the above is cash donated specifically to the Weekly Worker. While, of course, it is used for the paper, it counts towards the overall total raised by our friends, comrades and supporters. This week, for instance, there was the £70 mentioned above from MM.

It is easy to take the Weekly Worker for granted - last week there were 11,685 readers, for instance - but regular followers of a certain Robbie Rix will know that it could not survive without the money donated by a proportion (at present far too small) of those internet readers.

If you want to help boost the paper, or play your part in reaching the SO target, please do so quickly, as we enter the last part of the campaign.