WW archive > Issue 827 - 22 July 2010


EDL confusion; AV confusion; SWP tactics; Rabar must stay; Proxy hustings; Marxism and art; In or out?; Not green; Overt sexism; Alien force

French burqa ban has nothing to do with women's rights

The left in France has shown itself lacking, argues Peter Manson. We oppose state bans, just as we oppose the enforced veiling of women

Sinn Féin turns on protestors

Anne Mc Shane looks at 6 Counties' marching season events

Unity in a single party

To mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Great Britain, we begin here a series of reprints of key documents from the pre-history and early years of our party

Old cuts, new packaging

James Turley exposes Cameron's 'Big Society' lie

Co-ops against capitalism

Arthur Bough reviews Nicole Robertson's 'The co-operative movement and communities in Britain, 1914-60' Ashgate, 2010, pp268, £55

Women bishops and secularism

Jim Gilbert examines the Anglican hierarchy's hypocrisy

Institutionalised child abuse

Kenneth 'Revolution' Clarke has justified the official document authorising the brutal 'control' methods meted out to young offenders, notes Eddie Ford

Religion, class struggles, and revolution in ancient Judea

Jack Conrad examines Ancient Israel (supplement)

Large chunk

Robbie Rix warns that it is easy to take the Weekly Worker for granted

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