WW archive > Issue 821 - 10 June 2010

Use opportunity of Diane Abbott leadership bid

Rightwing scheming as well as John McDonnell's withdrawal has ensured there will be a left candidate for the Labour leadership after all, writes Peter Manson


Nationalism; BA safety; Division; Draft v draft; Israel mistakes; Terrorised; Blind alley; Two ships; Prize piece; Prison flaw

Against the state, not just the ruling class

Mike Macnair completes his examination of the lessons of bourgeois revolution

Universities or business?

Farzad Houshyar looks at the destructive role of the market in higher education

Regime paranoia

Ben Lewis reports on the campaign to free all political prisoners in Iran

Silence of the left

Should socialists demand tighter gun control? Jim Moody calls for a different approach

Where now for the left?

The Labour left has a constant tendency to look to its right for allies, writes Ben Lewis

Burning up planet Earth

BP's advanced technology exists purely to serve the destructive interests of capital, writes Eddie Ford

Fresh thinking and stale dogma

Another split on the left leads to questions being raised about what passes for 'democratic centralism'. James Turley looks at the travails of the IMT

Shout it out!

Robbie Rix regrets plain thoughtlessness

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