Five minutes

Robbie Rix asks who's going to be first to donate £10

We are on the verge of achieving our May fighting fund target of £1,250, but there are only four days to go.

Some generous donations over the last seven days have pushed us up to within touching distance - we now have £1,105, thanks mainly to a princely £265 received in standing orders, with gifts from SK, RP, DO and GD. Plus another £65 came in cheques - thank you, GK (£25), DR (£20), SL and LS (£10 each).

As I noted last week, however, we are for the moment faced with an additional £200 a month on top of our usual printing costs, which means I would be delighted if our readers could come up with that extra amount. In other words, we need £245 to make our regular target, but £445 would suit me down to the ground.

Once more, though, I’ve not received any contributions via PayPal over the last week. True, our readership seems to have sunk back to where we were before the general election - last week we had 15,684 online readers - but that still leaves plenty who, you would have thought, might have wanted to get out their credit card.

Well, there is still lots of time for that. Our May fund will end on Monday May 31 and it only takes five minutes maximum to donate via our website. I think we should aim for 10 comrades each contributing £10 to start with! Who’s first?