WW archive > Issue 819 - 27 May 2010

No to the race to the bottom

Peter Manson looks at the prospects for the BA strike


Lip service; Left slight; Premature; Dates; International; Absurd

SWP stunt backfires

Peter Manson finds only shamefaced and dishonest criticism

Everything from the top

Laurie Smith sees the question of unity being further depoliticised

Electoral reform and communist strategy

Nick Rogers discusses the democratic forms appropriate to the rule of the working class

Key debates evaded

The German left party Die Linke is going from strength to strength. But crucial debates on the future of the party, the nature of capitalism and participation in bourgeois governments will seriously test it over the next few months. In the first of two articles, Tina Becker reports from the 2010 conference, which took place on May 15-16 in Rostock

Socialist Party consolidates its grip

Dave Vincent reports on the conference of the civil service union

Jafar Panahi released

Solidarity works, says Jim Moody

Diane Abbott splits left

Communists want to see the Labour Party completely transformed, writes James Turley

For and against 'holding lines'

Tina Becker interviewed three leading delegates at the May 15-16 Die Linke conference held in Rostock

See no evil, hear no evil

Ben Lewis is astounded by the PCS call for the state and employers to be granted more power over the workforce in the name of anti-fascism

Five minutes

Robbie Rix asks who's going to be first to donate £10

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