Not so paltry

Robbie Rix thanks last week's internet donors

Comrade ELS admits to being “one of those weekly online readers who never normally cough up” in a comment accompanying her “paltry” and “overdue” £10 donation received via our PayPal facility at www.cpgb.org.uk.

No need to sound so guilty, comrade. You were one of 17,332 internet readers of the Weekly Worker last week and if you are culpable of previous omissions there are lots of others too! Of course, that readership figure is quite a bit down on the previous week’s 20,000-plus for our general election issue, but it is still quite a bit higher than the 15,000 or so we had been averaging before.

Mind you, there were two other internet donors last week - comrade WD, who tells me that her £10 gift should be viewed as a top-up in addition to her monthly standing order; and £20 from JW of the Forth website in Ireland. And, talking of standing orders, they added up to £105 over the last seven days - thanks to JD, DW, SP, MKS and MM.

Just one cheque came via the post last week - but it was a rather handy £50 from PJ, who says he is more than pleased with last week’s post-election coverage. Altogether we received an extra £195, which takes our total for May up to £775. But time is rapidly running out, with just 10 days left to raise the remaining £500 we could do with to reach our £1,250 target.

And we definitely need to raise the full amount - not least because our printing costs have (temporarily, we hope) gone up by £200 a month. So are there any more guilty web readers out there who fancy coming up with a paltry donation or two?