WW archive > Issue 818 - 20 May 2010

No alternative within capitalism

What does the bail-out of Greece mean for international capital? Hillel Ticktin spoke to Yassamine Mather


Mimicking anarchism; Coward; Not racial; Colonial relic; Questions; Pythonesque; Absurd; Obstacles

John for leader

Labour activists are urging a speedy response to the NEC's deadline

Friend, comrade, and occasional sparring partner

Obituary: Peter Heathfield, March 2 1929 - May 4 2010. David Douglass celebrates his life

McDonnell blocked by NEC bureaucrats

Despite the current ascendancy of the right, Labour is likely to see a shift to the left, argues Peter Manson

Only game in town

Mark Fischer was at the 'After the election ... Join the resistance' event

Preparing for new challenges

Laurie Smith reports on the recent CPGB aggregate

Programme of renewal

What next for the Labour left? Mark Fischer spoke to Graham Bash of Labour Briefing

The new bullshit

David Cameron's 'new politics' are a degraded version of the old, argues James Turley

An enemy that should be treated seriously

Many comrades insist that the Con-Lib Dem government is a coalition of 'profound weakness and division' that will be easy to beat and thus almost automatically lead to advances by the left. Eddie Ford believes that this approach is complacent and profoundly mistaken

Panahi stages hunger strike

Ben Lewis reports on the campaign to free the outspoken film maker imprisoned by the Iranian regime

Not so paltry

Robbie Rix thanks last week's internet donors

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