WW archive > Issue 751 - 08 January 2009


Balance; Peak oil; Old elitist; Rethink; Lessons; No labels; SWP split

Fight the CC apparatus

As the Socialist Workers Party's annual conference looms, James Turley urges SWPers to settle accounts with the enemies of democracy and principle

No trust in Morales

Caitriona Rylance looks at the faltering revolution in Bolivia and explores possible avenues for advance

Between moral outrage and historical analysis

Tony Greenstein reviews Gabriel Piterberg's 'The returns of Zionism' (Verso 2008, pp298, £16.99) and Arno J Mayer's 'Plowshares into swords' (Verso 2008, pp432, £19.99)

Sheridan heads for self-destruct

Sarah McDonald is less than enthused by Solidarity's man as a Big Brother housemate

Crisis and defensive demands

Mike Macnair examines the crisis and the left's 'programmes'

Death of a dissident

An encomium for the late Harold Pinter. James Turley writes

Fighting Fund

2009 resolution

Hell for Palestinians

Despite the humanitarian disaster in Gaza and pleas for a ceasefire, the Israeli government seems determined to continue its offensive against Hamas. Mark Fischer talked to veteran Israeli socialist Moshé Machover

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