Fighting Fund

2009 resolution

Our readers clearly intend that 2009 will be a great year for the Weekly Worker, judging by the donations to the fighting fund since the last edition. We ended 2008 with £1,092 raised in the final month - not enough to completely wipe out the deficit for the year, but reducing it to just £146. Which is not bad, considering we were aiming for £12,000 in total.

Especially worthy of note among those last donations of 2008 were two £100 gifts - from SG and KL. Then there was £70 from MM (in addition to his regular standing order for the same amount!), and £50 each from TG, LP and FR. Amongst the extra standing orders was a brilliant £50 per month just started from comrade JT, and not forgetting £20 from WD, who was one of several who made their donations via our online PayPal facility.

In the three weeks since my last column we have averaged well over 20,000 visitors per week - and that during a time when we haven’t been publishing. This augurs well for later in the year, when our new, revamped CPGB website is launched.

In the first week of January, the contributions have continued to come in - including no less than £142 in standing order donations. We start our first fighting fund of 2009 with £297 - a good start towards our £1,000 monthly target. But we need to reach and surpass that figure each and every month.

Anyone not made a new year’s resolution yet?

Robbie Rix