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Sharpe pupil; Reconciliation; Greek power; Third period; Their solution; Revolution, yes; Poles; Futile

Assessing, debating and forward planning

On Saturday December 13 some 70 members and supporters of Hands Off the People of Iran met in London for the campaign's second annual conference. Chris Strafford reports

Rediscovering Lenin

Lars T Lih is an acclaimed scholar living in Canada. Ben Lewis spoke to him about his book, Lenin rediscovered: 'What is to be done?' in context (2006) and some of the questions it raises for the left in understanding its own history and tradition

Gambling on the world revolution

Hillel Ticktin reviews Simon Pirani's 'The Russian Revolution in retreat, 1920-24: Soviet workers and the new communist elite' Basees/Routledge series, Russian and east European studies, 2008, pp312, �80

All that was once certain now melts

As John Rees launches his long awaited war on the central committee, both factions of the SWP leadership are coming under fire from sections of the membership. Peter Manson reports

Facing up to the challenge

Mary Godwin reports the last CPGB aggregate of 2008

Fighting Fund

Highly valued

Spanish civil war and the left

David Douglass reviews Lewis H Mates's 'Political activism and the popular front' Taurus, 2007, pp304, �52.50

War threat remains real

This is an edited version of the speech by Torab Saleth given to the December 13 annual general meeting of Hands Off the People of Iran


Peter Manson assesses the road travelled in reaching issue 750 of the Weekly Worker

Workers in the front line

Bail-out of big three stymied - for now, writes James Turley

And the winner is liquidationism

Factions at the recent 'factionless' Parti Communiste Francais congress provided little hope. Jean-Michel Edwin reports

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