WW archive > Issue 722 - 22 May 2008


Convention; Triviality; Convicted; Sex and drugs; Misguided soul; Tradition; B52 bombers; Revo zigzags

Fighting fund

Broad appeal

Rebranding exercise flops

As expected, the Reclaim the Campus conference on May 17 did not cohere the student left around a worthwhile set of principled politics. Instead it was a rebranding exercise for Education Not for Sale, the Alliance for Workers' Liberty's student front. Ben Klein reports

Mirage of bourgeois democracy

The crushing of workers' opposition and suppression of the Kurds shows that the state has not relaxed its grip. Esen Uslu examines the situation in Turkey against the background of economic crisis and military plot

How not to win friends

Peter Manson argues for a tactical change in our attitude to the Church of England

In the middle

Mary Godwin reports CPGB Draft programme discussion on small businesses

Legalise, not reclassify

Communists see no reason to make any drugs illegal, writes Jim Moody

Referendums, the army, and bloody counterrevolution

Charles de Gaulle and his regime seemed finished. His referendum call fell flat. But behind the scenes he plotted with army commanders. Jack Conrad discusses the last days of May 1968

Donkey economics and islamic martyrdom

Continuing her examination of Iran and the islamic regime, Yassamine Mather looks at the theocracy's political economy

Boris gets spiked

Ex-communists continue their rightward evolution, reports James Turley

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