WW archive > Issue 720 - 08 May 2008


Gutter press; In the egg; Fascism; Bash the fash; Numbers; Good god; Real world; Balls-up

Origins of political islam

Yassamine Mather begins a series of articles on the islamic republic of Iran

The political roots of student revolt

Jack Conrad looks at the role of students in the May 68 events

No voice for working class

Cameron Richards comments on the Welsh situation

Down with utopia!

The bankruptcy of the neoliberal model has created a vacuum for alternatives, writes Boris Kagarlitsky. If we do not fill it from the left, it will be filled from the right

Tory 'march on Rome'

The Tories are a far bigger threat than BNP, says James Turley

Crisis of programme

Peter Manson comments on the poor results obtained by the left in the May 1 elections

SWP doesn't reflect reality

Phil Kent reviews the film Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Parranaud)

Death of New Labour

The government is now visibly weaker, writes Jim Moody


Around 30 people attended the annual Communist University North - an event jointly sponsored by Communist Students and the CPGB. Ben Klein and Carey Davies report

CPB poll 'gains' lies

Dave Lynch reports on an election disaster

Fighting fund


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