WW archive > Issue 709 - 21 February 2008

Defeat the liquidators

Communists should give a guarded welcome to the decision of the LCR to launch a new revolutionary party, writes Peter Manson


Hopi vandals; Vibrant Cuba; No problem; Anti-imperialism; Offspring

From SWP to Cameron's Tories

Jim Moody asks if rank and file SWP members will challenge their leadership on its electoral follies

Consolidating gains

The second annual conference of Communist Students took place in Manchester on February 16. John Jo Sidwell reports

No platform and the BNP

Is 'no platforming' an unshakable principle or a tactic? Ted North reports on the discussion among Communist Students

I did it for my community

Tower Hamlets councillor Ahmed Hussain has defected from Respect-SWP to the Conservatives, making them the official opposition on the council. He spoke to Jim Moody

Facing up to the fascists

Jim Grant and David Isaacson take issue with Jack Conrad on anti-fascist strategy

Time to say goodbye

Why does the SWP not break its links with holocaust-denier Gilad Atzmon? Tony Greenstein has more evidence of his anti-Jewish racism

Politicising the Olympics?

The renewed furore over China's hosting the 2008 summer Olympics says more about the bourgeoisie than Beijing, argues James Turley

Fighting against the odds

In the third article in his series on the Roman empire, Chris Gray looks at the efforts of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus to defeat the landowning oligarchy

Fighting fund

Expect our call

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