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Sniffing distance

Howard Roak reports on the latest developments in our two-month fundraising campaign


Splitters; Bravo; Perfect party; Russia today; Evil commies; Disingenuous; PCSU left; Stop digging; No faction; Tactics

SP's rival to Respect

Alan Stevens reports on the progress the National Shop Stewards Network is making

Clear distance

In less than a week, over 50 people were executed by public hanging in Iran's islamic republic. Yassamine Mather says communists and democrats must take a clear stand

Creative support

Support for Hands Off the People of Iran continues to grow, as more people visit the campaign website and sign up to Hopi's founding statement. Steve Cooke reports

What's a worker's wage?

Section 3.5 of the CPGB's Draft programme, 'Trade unions', was the latest to be discussed at the London Communist Forum held on July 29. London comrades are continuing their study of 'Immediate demands' as part of the process of redrafting. Peter Manson reports

David Broder 'no-platformed'

Sean Matgamna? No thanks "¦ Mark Fischer continues the saga of the AWL's refusal to allow a comrade from its minority to speak at Communist University

End factory farming

Yet again, we are in the midst of a foot-and-mouth scare. Eddie Ford analyses the situation

What is workers' power?

A workers' state cannot be determined by property forms, argues Mike Macnair

Who's going to deliver?

While support for Royal Mail strikes remains solid, the leadership of the Communication Workers Union is at a loss over how to combat the highly political onslaught by a government-backed management. Jim Moody writes

Head to head

As we go to press, voting is about to begin in the August 9 by-election for Shadwell ward in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets. The election campaign, triggered by the bitter resignation of Shamim Chowdhury - from Respect as well as from the council - saw Harun Miah go head to head with former Labour council leader Michael Keith. Huw Bynon reports

Inspired flashes, mainstream values

Jeremy Butler reviews Harry Potter and the deathly hallows

Sniffing distance

Howard Roak reports on the latest developments in our two-month fundraising campaign

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