Wales launch

Bob Davies reports on the launch of the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign in Cardiff

A press conference marking the launch in Wales of the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign was held at the Welsh assembly in Cardiff last week. Leanne Wood AM (Plaid Cymru, South Wales Central), who is standing for re-election in the assembly elections next month, and Yassamine Mather (HOPI) addressed the meeting.

Leanne was one of the initial sponsors of the campaign. She spoke of the need for a genuine principled solidarity movement with which to counteract the threat of another war from Britain and the US in the Gulf. Leanne also recognised the necessity for regime change by the popular and democratic movements in Iran itself. She stated her intention to help raise the profile of the campaign over the coming weeks.

Comrade Yassamine welcomed the launch of the campaign in this region and spoke of the importance of establishing as many links as possible with individuals and organisations throughout the workers' movement here. Speaking of the positive response from individuals generally in Britain, the comrade also emphasised the importance of such meetings for trade unionists, students, women and other democratic forces working in Iran for regime change from below: "The knowledge that the workers' movement in this country is taking initiatives on a principled basis inspires all democratic forces in Iran," she stated.

The question of Iran solidarity work and the situation in the Gulf will be debated at the CPGB's Communist University Wales in Cardiff on May 12.