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Double standards in London and Tehran

In the furore over the capture of British sailors and marines and their theatrical release by Iran's islamic regime, a number of essential points seem to have been forgotten by the British media, and even by so-called anti-war broadsheets, says Yassamine Mather


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Wales launch

Bob Davies reports on the launch of the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign in Cardiff

SWP backs the mullahs - official

The Socialist Workers Party-backed Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (Casmii) effectively operates as an apologist for the regime sitting in Tehran, says Eddie Ford

Hostage crisis and reactionary schemes

Without doubt, Iran's capture of the 15 UK sailors and marines - and then their eventual high-profile release - was a humiliation for British imperialism. And the subsequent row about whether some of the service members, especially Faye Turnway, should have sold their story to the mass media for large amounts of money has further soiled the entire incident for many in the UK establishment. Eddie Ford comments

Giving internationalism new meaning

The Liverpool dockers' March for Social Justice took place 10 years ago, on April 12 1997. Chris Knight of the London Dockers Support Group, who acted as the main link with the Reclaim the Streets movement, looks back at the dockers' historic fight

Putting out the trash

Economic and political interpenetration both internationally and nationally makes a mockery of the Revolutionary Democratic Group's 'democratic permanent revolution'. Mike Macnair concludes his response to Dave Craig of the RDG

Sheridan to back SNP

Both the Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity are in self-destruct mode, says Peter Manson

More bad climate news

Jim Moody on the irrationality of carbon offsetting and carbon credits

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