WW archive > Issue 659 - 08 February 2007

Socialism or catastrophe

There is no solution to global warming under capitalism, says Jim Moody in response to the UN report on the issue


Searchlight bias; CMP nonsense; Bloody amoralism; Autonomy; Menshevik trash; Illuminating; Egregious act; Sick society?; Canadian left; Puritanical; Earth spirit; Bottom line; Confusion

Respect: our new moral guardians

Anne Mc Shane reviews Ariel Levy's Female chauvinist pigs: women and the rise of raunch culture (Pocket Books, 2005, pp240, £7.99)

Kosova needs genuine self-determination

Eddie Ford analyses the recent elections in Serbia and the plans for "limited independence" for Kosova

Mountains out of molehills

Leading the Alliance for Workers Liberty's typically slippery response to our coverage of the Socialist Youth Network launch conference reveals an organisation in crisis and rapidly moving to the right, says James Turley

Farewell to veteran communist activist

Gill Emerson and David Turner are amongst the friends and comrades who are mourning the veteran communist Reg Weston, who died on January 26 2007, aged 93, following a short illness

Defend Iran's workers, not its rotten regime

Over the last two weeks, although Iran is facing a major military attack, protests and demonstrations against harsh economic conditions have escalated within the country. Yassamine Mather reports

It's not what you know but who you know

On January 23 Yasir Idris was selected at a meeting of South West Birmingham Respect to contest the Moseley and Kings Heath ward in the May council elections. He beat the Socialist Workers Party's Helen Salmon by 35 votes to 20. Peter Manson spoke to him

Nationalism versus Marxism

The Campaign for a Marxist Party held its first Glasgow public meeting on Saturday February 3. It took the form of a debate entitled 'The way forward for the left', featuring Hillel Ticktin for the CMP; Jack Ferguson of the Scottish Socialist Party's executive committee; Gordon Morgan, national treasurer of Solidarity; and Yassamine Mather of the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign. Peter Kennedy reports

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