WW archive > Issue 643 - 05 October 2006

A lesson in Stalinism

Members of the Socialist Workers Party tried to throw CPGB students out of a public meeting. Dave Isaacson reports


John for leader; Bash the last?; Best outcome?; Marxist party; Any proof?; Israeli nation; Left in denial

Intriguing cameos

Dave Douglas reviews: North West TUC members 70th anniversary of the Spanish civil war pp18, £1.50

Labourism or republicanism

Where next for the fight for working class political representation? Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks at the alternatives

Cameron repositions

Jim Moody analyses the 20th century's most successful election machine - the Conservative Party

SSP says it will not expel tape man George McNeilage

Peter Manson reports on the latest developments in the Tommy Sheridan saga

Marxism and scientific revolutions

How are scientific paradigms established? And what does this mean for the politics of the working class? Chris Knight examines the issues

Campaign for a party - or another sect?

The organised left cannot be bypassed in the fight for a Marxist party, argues Mike Macnair

On the road to social democracy

Ben Lewis reports from the Hanover programme convention of L.PDS and WASG

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