WW archive > Issue 622 - 27 April 2006

Populism at large

The April 25 Tower Hamlets hustings for local election candidates, organised by the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), was a highly charged affair. Huw Bynon reports


Brilliant thought; Guilt; NUT call for action; Iran call; Act of revenge; On the house; In the clear; No more talking; Homophobia

Arriving republics?

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group contrasts the anti-monarchist mass movement in Nepal with the queen's birthday celebrations in Britain

Communist strategy and the party form

Mike Macnair examines the Leninist 'party of a new type' and disentangles its advantages and shortcomings from the necessity of splitting from the Second International

Vote Socialist Party, but...

Despite the chasm between its revolutionist theory and reformist practice, Ian Mahoney calls for a critical vote for the SP in the May 4 local elections in England and Wales

Primitive painters: the left and art

The left needs to win artists, cultural producers and critics to its cause, says Lawrence Parker

Revolution at the roof of the world

Communists and democrats throughout the world have been inspired by the determined struggles of the masses in Nepal, writes Eddie Ford

ESF Athens, May 4-7 2006 :: Dangers of disintegration

The European Social Forum is in real danger. All democrats and communists must work hard to prevent the whole thing simply falling apart. Despite our many criticisms, the ESF is currently the only real vehicle that exists for the cooperation of the European left, says Tina Becker

Music for change?

Gordon Downie reviews the Reith Lectures 2006, BBC Radio 4, Friday 9am, April 7 - May 5

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