WW archive > Issue 611 - 09 February 2006

Democracy in the dock

Fight the BNP but defend freedom of speech too - Eddie Ford comments


Not all scabs; No to controls; Carry on camping; Shame on you; Police action; Strange omission; Only human; Clear stand; Lost the plot

Respect Party Platform founding statement

Statement of objectives

Left merger still on hold

"An absurd fratricidal war" - this is how the political magazine Der Spiegel describes the current difficulties hampering the creation of a new left party in Germany. But the root of the dispute is not absurd at all, says Tina Becker: it centres on the important question of government participation. By employing a range of bureaucratic manoeuvres, the WASG leadership is now trying to silence its own opposition that demands the party take a principled stand against accepting ministerial posts - while the SWP's German section sides with the right

Occupation and oppression

Carey Davies reviews Romans in Britain, which has again been subject to religious criticism. Crucible Theatre, Sheffield (ends Saturday February 25)

No to war, no to mullahs

Yassamine Mather (Critique and Iran Bulletin Middle East Forum) comments on the situation in Iran

Cuckoos in the nest

The Campaign Against Climate Change looks set to grow in 2006, writes John Downes. But where is it going programmatically?

Marching towards self-organisation

Emily Bransom reports on a new website set up by disgruntled soldiers

'Big brother' fallout creates divisions

Respect is an inherently unstable political formation, writes Alec Long. And the cracks are beginning to show

Salma Yaqoob's motion to Respect national council

Points 2a through to 2d were passed

Rough ride for Rees

SWP leader John Rees was only adopted as a Respect candidate after strong objections from a sizeable bloc of Bengali members. But the drive to turn him into a political celebrity is unmistakable. Dave Jacques reports

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