WW archive > Issue 603 - 01 December 2005

A world to save! A world to win!

Jack Conrad looks at climate change and the programme that communists should advance

A full life for the elderly

Eddie Ford looks at the long awaited Pensions Commission report and puts forward the communist programme: for retirement at 60, for the tripling of pensions

The Best of times

Lawrence Parker remembers George Best

DSP split over future

Greg Adler, former national executive member of the Australian Socialist Alliance, looks at the dispute within Democratic Socialist Perspective, the dominant SA group

Eco-socialist lite

Martin Eckersley looks at the left press' coverage of climate change, which owes more to environmentalism than Marxism

Say no to faith schools

Michelle Euston disagrees with Socialist Resistance's takes on faith schools and says that Marxists must take a stand on the issue

Working class project for Spanish America

Nick Rogers looks at the contradictions in the Bolivarian revolution and calls for the building of workers' unity across the continent to defend and extend the gains won in Venezuela

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