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Big people and the small state

Tory leader Michael Howard declares: "I believe the people should be big. That the state should be small." This is a sentiment that authentic Marxists would wholeheartedly concur with, writes Jack Conrad


Respect for IWCA; Trust Galloway; Hangover; Do us a favour; Good wishes; Corrections; Al Richardson ; Win back Labour; Work through unions; CPGB tails SWP

Divided four ways

There are deep divisions in the leadership of the 'Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain over what attitude to adopt towards the new Respect coalition. Can its forthcoming special congress resolve the contradictions? Alan Rees investigates

Fair trade or socialism?

Ben Lewis reviews: George Monbiot, The age of consent Harper Collins, 2003, pp274, £15.99

Antidote to Blairite lies and deceit

The issue of health is one of those battlegrounds that Blair could easily become unstuck over in the next few years. , says Phil Hamilton

No expulsions

Anne Mc Shane of the Socialist Alliance appeals committee welcomes the long overdue dropping of all charges against the Bedfordshire two

Back in Labour's fold

Ken Livingstone's reinstatement into the Labour Party is at one level a significant defeat for Tony Blair, says Ian Donovan

Keep quiet about the 's' word

The Socialist Alliance executive has reneged on the decision taken in December to engage with the Respect Unity Coalition on the basis of fighting "for it to adopt a working class and socialist platform". Marcus Ström reports.

Healthcare and moral hysteria

New Labour is proposing to charge failed asylum-seekers for healthcare. There is more to this move than budget trimming, argues Jem Jones

Crumbling like powder

Mehdi Kia, co-editor of 'Iran Bulletin' - Middle East Forum, on the Iranian earthquake and the fate of the islamic regime

Away with gongs and titles

The British honours system is more than a laughable anachronism: it sheds light on the nature of our society and the royalist traditions that underpin it. Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group believes that the recent spate of honours refuseniks heralds the birth of a republican socialist party

Thirteen questions

Zoà Simon reviews: Catherine Hardwicke (director), Thirteen general release

Jacques Chirac's Lutte Ouvri�re policemen

'Marxists' front for the oppressors of Muslims, writes Peter Manson

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