WW archive > Issue 503 - 06 November 2003

New project, same old sectarianism

SW Kenning reports about the latest conference of the Socialist Workers Party


Typo; Illusions; London SF; Aussie Socialist Alliance; Sydney coalition; Pominterns; Messenger; Zionism; Anarcho record

Temporary climbdown

John Keys reports on the latest of the postal dispute

Around the web

Lacking a web profile: Phil Hamilton looks at George Galloway's website

Poor tactics, useless strategy

Unison's dispute over London weighting continues to suffer from serious underlying weaknesses, says Alan Stevens

Alien culture

Jim Gilbert reviews two productions from the London Film Festival 2003: Save the green planet! (Jigureul jikyeora!),South Korea 2003; director: Jang Jun-hwan

Rattled Tories crown Howard

Michael Malkin says the Tory leadership contest tells us much about the state of the Conservative Party

Iraqi working class must lead resistance

George Bush and Tony Blair are in a deepening quagmire in Iraq. That much has been clear for several months now, but things are escalating. Ian Donovan reports

An utter mess

In June a rotten settlement gave management carte blanche to impose 'modernisation' on firefighters' working conditions. Now the promised seven percent rise is to be phased in. Fire Brigades Union London regional officer Matt Wrack spoke to Peter Manson about the background to the latest wave of unofficial action

In the full glare of secrecy

Amidst little fanfare and some secrecy, Welsh assembly member John Marek will formally launch a new party in Wrexham on Saturday November 8. Cameron Richards reports

Holding the line

Marcus Ström reports about the formation of a democracy platform in the Socialist Alliance

Preventing domination

Tina Becker reports on latest developments in the bid to bring the European Social Forum to London

Communist Party ducks the question

The SA's 2001 general election manifesto, People before profit, is a republican socialist programme, argues the RDG's Dave Craig. Militant republicanism should be the basis of the alliance's opposition pro-party democracy platform

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