WW archive > Issue 501 - 23 October 2003

Democracy not 'justice'

Do Salma Yaqoob's and George Monbiot's 'Principles of unity' provide a solid basis for a common political programme? Mike Macnair thinks not


Finland; Bookmarks; Ukraine scam; 80-20; Democracy?; Welcome to SSP; History irrelevant; Real anarchism

US eyes turn east

The successful launch and return to earth of Shenzhou 5, China's first manned spacecraft, on October 14-15, could well turn out to be highly significant. Kit Robinson comments

London weighting dead end

Alan Stevens reports about Unison's long-running, stop and go London weighting dispute

Solidarity watchword

Unison's action was called to coincide with the London postal workers' one-day strike in support of their claim for a London weighting allowance of £4,000 per annum. John Keys reports

Party notes

Jack Conrad takes a closer look at the new Peace and justice campaign

'Zionist' AWL in turmoil

Ian Donovan comments on the internal fight in the Alliance for Workers' Liberty: over the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Iraq war and the politics of the Middle East in general

A 'credible' alternative?

The SWP's majority bloc has no confidence that socialism can win a mass audience, says Mark Fischer

Around the web

Long march skyward: Phil Hamilton looks at websites related to China's space adventures

Why SWP boycotts local social forums

Control-freakery provokes 'rival' bid

Tina Becker has the latest news from the European Social Forum

Scottish Socialist Party: Dilemmas of separatism

The debate on Scottish independence at Socialism 2003 brought into sharp focus a number of issues that will be crucial for the progress of the Scottish Socialist Party over the next period. Nick Rogers reports

Socialism 2003: Tensions rise to surface

Over the weekend of October 18-19 at Glasgow Caledonian University the Scottish Socialist Party held its fourth annual school. Sarah McDonald was there

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