WW archive > Issue 494 - 04 September 2003


Disgrace; Ukraine scam; Kiwi guru; Libya link; WP Ukraine; AWL methodology; English pig; Low expectations

CWU next in Blair's sights

The 160,000-strong postal workers' union is in New Labour's sights, writes John Keys

Party notes:In defence of democratic centralism

Jack Conrad responds to the debate sparked by a previous 'Party notes' column

Around the web: Silent partners

Phil Hamilton's odyssey around the internet finds him washing up on the websites of independent Welsh Assembly Member, John Marek, and his left nationalist backers, Cymru Goch

CWI statement

National liberation and the socialist project

Liam O Ruairc reviews Priscilla Metscher's 'James Connolly and the reconquest of Ireland' Marxist Educational Press/NST, University of Minnesota, 2002, pp256, £10 pbk

Socialist Alliance: Not walking away

Marcus Strom reports on developments in the Socialist Alliance

European Social Forum: Heavy-handed Socialist Workers Party

Anne Mc Shane and Alan Fox report from the meeting of the English mobilising committee organising for the forthcoming European Social Forum

People's Assembly: Building for September 27 Iraq demo

Jeremy Butler and Marcus Strom report back from the 1,000-strong meeting of the People's Assembly

Bush's Middle East plans in meltdown

Ian Donovan looks at the failure of the US president's so-called 'road map to peace'

Left nationalism: SSP - independent capitalist Scotland?

Sarah McDonald was one of 100 members who attended the Scottish Socialist Party's national council meeting

Global party, not international fraud

Peter Manson looks at the fallout from the Ukrainian scam to defraud the left and the statement from Peter Taaffe's Committee for a Workers' International, host organism for the group

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