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Nowhere to go; Their game; SWP in Asia; AWL and Zionism; Paedophile link; Buddha; SA dilemma; Shared responsibility; Socialist vision; Scots FBU; Honesty; Shachtman split; Democratic centralism; Not relevant

Lee Rock for Waltham Forest

CPGB member Lee Rock is standing for the Socialist Alliance

Party notes: Democratic centralism unites and directs

Jack Conrad continues the debate on revolutionary organisation following discussion at the CPGB's Communist University

By-election: Brian for Brent

At the 'Brent convention of the left' on July 31, Socialist Workers Party activist and secretary of the Brent local government branch of Unison, Brian Butterworth, received overwhelming backing as Socialist Alliance prospective parliamentary candidate in the forthcoming by-election in the north-west London constituency of Brent East. Polling day is not expected before late September

Communist University: Debate and controversy

Mary Godwin gives her impressions of this year's Communist University

Welsh Socialist Party: Banning 'Brit left'

Deselected Labour member John Marek caused a flurry of interest by organising a 'summer gathering' to discuss the prospects for Welsh Socialist Party. Mark Fischer was there

Peace and Justice proposal buried

Marcus Strom welcomes the SWP's forced retreat from popular frontist politics

European Social Forum Organising across frontiers

Kurt Wendt is a representative of the Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ) at the international meetings to prepare for the next European Social Forum, to be held in Paris over November 12-16. At the last assembly meeting in Genoa (July 19-20), he criticised the left for being less united than the bourgeois and social democratic parties. Common conditions require common organisation. Tina Becker spoke to him

SA executive: Focus on workers' movement

Marcus Strom reports back from last weekend's meeting of the Socialist Alliance executive committee

Around the web: Updates deferred

Phil Hamilton takes a look at the website of Ted Grant's Socialist Appeal

Socialist Workers Party: For "reliable comrades" only

We reprint two confidential emails from second-ranking SWP hack Rob Hoveman which spell out his organisation's intentions towards the Socialist Alliance

What makes us human?

Does human nature exist? Does it run against the grain of the communist project? Michael Malkin addressed the CPGB's Communist University and gave some answers. This is the first of two articles

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