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Pure control; Long way; Fight within EU; Brave new 'international'; Anarcho answers

Lula attacks workers

The Workers Party (PT) of Brazil is behaving in power in the same way as many older social democratic parties have done in the past. Ian Donovan reports

Socialist Alliance Wales: SSP lessons

The annual general meeting of Cardiff Welsh Socialist Alliance was held on May 22. Ethan Grech reports

Summer Offensive fact file

Facts and figures about our SO

Not one millimetre

The Communist Party's 19th Summer Offensive fundraising drive is launched on June 1 and runs until the end of July. The SO acts as an annual boost to the health of our organisation, writes Mark Fischer

French pensions battle escalates

The French government has signified its intention to force through its full frontal assault on public sector pensions, in the face of overwhelming public opposition and the massive strike wave that has rocked the country. Peter Manson reports

Socialist Alliance: Learn the lessons

Dave Landau assesses the election results of the Socialist Alliance - and warns that we should not underestimate the success of the British National Party

Party notes: With allies like these

The European Union's draft constitution has unleashed a black tornado of reactionary protest, writes Jack Conrad

Republicanism and Marxism

'Iseult Honohan Civic republicanism', Routledge, 2002, pp328, £15.99 (pbk)

AWL: pro-party rival?

Peter Morton doesn't believe that the Alliance for Workers' Liberty was every serious about transforming the Socialist Alliance into a party

Around the web: Online expression

Phil Hamilton looks at the website of the Fire Brigades Union

SA Australia: Multi-tendency rights protected

This article is republished from the May 28 edition of Green Left Weekly, paper of the Democratic Socialist Party

Socialist Alliance Australia: Shape of things to come

The 'Resignation statement', signed by 25 members of the International Socialist Organisation in Australia, is only a foretaste of what will sooner of later happen to any sect - big or small - that stands in the way of left unity and the fight for a revolutionary party of the working class. Marcus Ström reports

Resignation statement

To the International Socialist Organisation

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