Summer Offensive fact file

Facts and figures about our SO

The first full SO was in 1985 (we organised a mini-Offensive the year before). This year’s is therefore our 19th full campaign.

We adapted the idea from a group of comrades we were close to at the time, the Iscinin Sesi trend of the Communist Party of Turkey (these comrades had a refreshingly robust approach to annual fundraising - their campaign was called an ‘attack’ rather than an ‘appeal’).

The organisation sets itself a collective target to raise in two months - this year £25,000 - and individual members set a personal minimum.

So far, members have committed themselves to raise over £19,000 - and we don’t yet have the figure for all comrades!

The range of pledges amongst members varies considerably, but three deserve special mention. One comrade has set herself £1,200 to raise in the two months and two other comrades are pledging £1,000 each.

The biggest opening total pledge was £20,000 - last year. It looks as if we may beat that this year.

Non-members participate at whatever level they feel they can - all donations to the campaign are gratefully received.

The SO ends with a celebration, where we announce the final amount raised and award targets for comrades’ individual achievements (for many years it was dubbed “the Offensive meal”, until someone pointed out this may be a little off-putting …). This year’s celebration takes place on the evening of August 2, the first day of Communist University.