WW archive > Issue 476 - 17 April 2003

Authentic and fake anti-imperialism

Model letter issued by STWC

Politics of divorce

Defending Galloway and Dalyell

Iraq could never have been another Vietnam

Election? What election?

Anti-war party remains defiant

Balance sheet

Debating the next move

FBU votes for action

Two hundred and fifty Fire Brigades Union delegates unanimously voted to reject the employers' "final offer" on pay and conditions at their recall conference on April 15 in Brighton. Delegates accepted proposals to renew industrial action after "the end of hostilities" in Iraq. Tina Becker spoke to Mark Skelton, a rank and file militant from Finchley in London, and Ian Foulkes, chair of the Merseyside branch

Pearl Harbour moment

Dr Glen Rangwala is the Cambridge academic who discovered that the Blair dossier on Iraq's 'weapons of mass destruction' was drawn largely from a decade-old plargiarised source. He is also a member of Labour Against the War. Here he outlines his analysis of US motivations behind the conquering of Iraq

End of Gulf War II and our tasks

US neo-colonialism and democracy

Struggle and acceptance

Esher gets taste of war protest

Futile opportunism

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