Model letter issued by STWC

Rt Hon Tony Blair 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA [Date] Re: George Galloway MP and Tam Dalyell MP This is a letter of support on behalf of the above members of the Labour Party. The Stop the War Coalition has benefited from their involvement from the embryonic stages of its existence. Importantly, the anti war movement has been the biggest of its kind, not just in Britain, but in addition encompasses the international perspective. The fundamental freedom of speech in a democracy must be preserved, and their political dissent should not be silenced. Many of the elective object to the invasion of Iraq, the lack of legal legitimacy, and the unnecessary deaths of civilians. It is their duty to represent their constituents and the public at large. I am writing to demand that the whip is not removed from Messrs Galloway and Dalyell. This would render them powerless in the House of Commons and my views will no longer be voiced. Sincerely,