WW archive > Issue 471 - 13 March 2003

'Prince Harry pulls my anti-war badges off'

School students were out in force - including from Eton

Declaration of the People's Assembly

No illusions in the UN

'Peace-loving' parliament

The grand national assembly has voted against the deployment of US troops on Turkish territory. But things are not always as they seem, explains Aziz Demir. If we are not to be dragged into war, we need our own, working class approach

Better life

Feeling empowered

CPGB and Scottish Socialist Party member Sarah MacDonald helped organise a 200-strong walkout from Dundee Art College for the students' day of action against the war on March 5. She spoke to Ian Mahoney

Like a prison

Mark Rutherford school, Bedford

School's out

Transparency needed

Anti-war party debates

The inaugural People's Assembly for Peace met in London on March 12. It was a slightly chaotic, at times fractious, yet inspiring and certainly an historic event. Mark Fischer and Tina Becker report

Campaign fodder

Around the web: Globalise Resistance

Anti-war quotes

Fundamentalists fear communists

Hizb ut-Tahrir: muslims must steer clear of STWC

North West message

Seek and destroy

WP youth front

Anticipate violence?

Speed and scale

Armchair generals, or Saddam's leftwing allies

Many on the left entertain an agenda - overt or covert - of defending the Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein. Jack Conrad takes them to task

'Kids see things clearer'

Pimlico school students learn

Impact on the world

The Weekly Worker asked Tony Benn for his impressions of the assembly

Pull out all the stops

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