WW archive > Issue 440 - 11 July 2002

Marxism 2002 - The Fringe: Withdrawal from reality

Our second CPGB-AWL-RDG fringe meeting featured a debate between advocates of an active boycott of the forthcoming referendum on the euro, reports Peter Manson

Crisis of capital, not policies

When the president of the United States finds it necessary to go to the New York stock exchange and reassure the world that the capitalist system is not in crisis, we know that something is seriously wrong. Maurice Bernal writes

Marxism 2002 - The Fringe: Political will for SA paper

The first of three fringe meetings sponsored by the CPGB, Alliance for Workers' Liberty and Revolutionary Democratic Group discussed the need for a Socialist Alliance paper - it was packed, with standing room only at the back. Mary Godwin reports

Marxism 2002: Coming too quickly

On Sunday July 7, the SWP's John Rees led a discussion titled, 'Do we need a broad socialist party or a revolutionary party?'

Marxism 2002: Marx and Sparks

The Socialist Workers Party took the opportunity of this year's Marxism to launch Red Spark, a youth organisation "based on the politics of the SWP and [for] school and college students who want to fight capitalism", says Ian Mahoney

End of an era

Dave Douglass of Yorkshire NUM looks back at the reign of Arthur Scargill, who has recently retired as union president

For genuine democratic centralism

"Through the fullest, most open debate we seek to achieve unity in action and a common world outlook." This statement appears in the third paragraph of the revised 'What we fight for' column. John Pearson disagrees with the party majority.

Housmans £14 'libel'

Marxism 2002: Blustering Bambery

CPGB comrades in the audience for this rather patchily attended session cannot have been the only ones who enjoyed the irony of Chris Bambery's comment that it was a characteristic of Stalinism to "portray the Leninist party as a monolith"

Summer Offensive closes

Debate of a different kind

This year's Communist University is promising to become a truly challenging and international affair. Marco Berlinguer, programme officer of Rifondazione Comunista, will be our first speaker this year, reports Tina Becker

Marxism 2002: National or global socialism?

The morning session of Sunday July 7 saw a debate between the SWP's Chris Bambery and Alan McCombes of the Scottish Socialist Party on 'Internationalism and the new left'. This raised many important issues, says Sarah McDonald

PCS democrats fight back

Left unity in Europe

The European Anti-Capitalist Left held its fourth conference in Madrid on June 18-19. This is the statement put out afterwards

Organise to win

Entitled to resist

Communists must oppose identity cards, says Ian Donovan

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