WW archive > Issue 433 - 23 May 2002

Build on success

Is fascism on the march?

For Kier Hardie and St George

Billy Bragg is vying for the title of number one radical musician during the royal jubilee. Sam Metcalf went to meet him

Education, education, education

CPGB and Wurzels: shock revelation

All the young dudes

Taking a lead

Politically stunted

Globalise Resistance, the Socialist Workers Party's anti-capitalist 'united-front', held its annual conference on May 19. James Mallory reports

Trotsky and the United States of Europe slogan

Palestine and anti-semitism

The morning session held on 'Palestine and the struggle for freedom' was, unsurprisingly, well attended, says Mike Speed

Sinn Féin gains

Socialist Party and SWP run on separate lists

Too complicated

Whilst other Globalise Resistance members debated Palestine, 'global governance' and Latin America during the morning session, 40 or so assorted leftists and local campaigners attended 'Fighting the Euro-nazis', where three speakers discussed how best to combat the rise of the far right across the continent. James Bull was there

South America in turmoil

In a sparsely attended workshop held under the title, 'Repression and resistance in Latin America', various speakers recounted their experiences of the recent upsurges in the region. Mark Lusted reports

Gumption called for

Democratisation still on the agenda

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