WW archive > Issue 416 - 24 January 2002

An independent success

Dave Osler was one of the main organisers of the January 19 Socialist Alliance independents' conference. Afterwards he spoke to Mark Fischer

Where alliance priorities lie

Should we have a Socialist Alliance paper? Leading Socialist Alliance activist Mike Marqusee was asked for his view after the SA independents conference

Independents set up network

Israeli workers key to progress

Perspectives 2002

A couple of years?

Coy comrades

SA members attending the independents' meeting in Birmingham were not keen to reveal their identities

Media red scare shows alliance potential

DSS staff strike for safety

After two days of strike action in December the dispute between PCS members and management has reached a critical juncture. Mark Fischer spoke to Lee Rock, the PCS London regional organiser and CPGB member, about the origins of the dispute and the way forward

Impatient sectarians slink away

Socialist Party fails to split Nottingham SA

WSA journal to be launched

Learn the lessons

Paul Greengrass - Bloody Sunday - ITV, 10pm, January 20

Communists unite

While the 1st Congress of the CPGB brought together the British Socialist Party, the Communist Unity Group from the Socialist Labour Party, the South Wales Communist Council and others, the job of forging a single Communist Party in Britain was only half completed.

US exacts revenge

Bush enforces new world order

Backing the working class

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