Where alliance priorities lie

Should we have a Socialist Alliance paper? Leading Socialist Alliance activist Mike Marqusee was asked for his view after the SA independents conference

First, in the light of the decision taken at the December 1 conference against producing a SA paper, everyone should be very cautious about undertaking any project that appears to be bouncing the majority into a project they are reluctant to undertake. Secondly, I think our priorities nationally at the moment should be to produce a much greater volume and quality of campaigning literature, including not only leaflets, but extended pamphlets on specific issues. I'd like to see us get that under our belts before we even begin to seriously discuss something as ambitious and difficult as a national newspaper. Third, as a journalist, I am not convinced that a newspaper is the be-all-and-end-all of public presentation of a political case, particularly in the way that this society is developing. I certainly don't want to rule out the possibility indefinitely - it may well be the right thing to do in a couple of years time. But I would certainly like to get through this year on the basis of the decision we made at the December 1 conference and review it next year.